New Instruments and Effects in Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 is out, here are the new plugins you’ll be able to play with:

 New instrument: WAVETABLE

Image result for ableton wavetable

Wavetable is Ableton’s own wavetable synth, obviously. It sounds decent, with a large collection of wavetables, including those modelled old synths like Juno-6 and Moogs. You can see from the front panel, it’s a bit of a beast, in depth synthesis with plenty of control. You can morph 2 wavetable oscillators together in the top panel, then a break out area with detailed amp, envelope, LFO control, and finally a modulation matrix. There’s enough here to keep you busy for a long while.

 New effect: ECHO

This is a deceptively complex little delay plug in. If you can imagine of a delay sound, then it’s probably possible with Echo. The Echo, Modulation and Character options give vast potential, with lfo, filtering, gating, ducking, noise, wobble, panning, mid/side, you’ll have endless options for everything from tight slap to space echos and endless ambience.

New Effect: Drum Buss

A cool little drum workstation. Pulling together a number of effects into a handy couple of controls, with lots of presets, you can quickly alter the character of your drum channel, adding warmth, bite, snap, crackle and pop (not crackle).

 New Effect: Pedal

It’s about time Ableton joined the other DAWs and added this. A nice little pedal/amp/speaker simulator. It’s only produces overdrive and distortion type effects (only?), the amp/speaker simulations are pretty good, but don’t be expecting anything like as in depth as the Logic amp and pedal modelling for example.

Tagging AKA collections

This is a super useful new feature that will help improve your workflow. Basically you can tag instruments/effects/samples etc into collections. If you’ve worked with Ableton long enough, you’ll know why this is a potential god send.

Ableton 10 is available NOW from Amazon: