The best Soundcloud alternative for 2017:

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I love Soundcloud, but it’s starting to lose it’s way. Takedown notices, adverts (even on paid pro accounts), the removal of groups among other things have all been pushing users to new platforms. It’s sad really, after the demise of MySpace, Soundcloud gave us a new and superior way to share our music and build a fanbase. With Soundcloud potentially going the way of MySpace, don’t worry, there are services new and established that are set to take it’s place. I’ve been using one in particular, so I thought I’d give you a brief introduction to it, if you’ve not signed up already. (Click the link at the top of the page and create a new account so you can follow along)

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Hearthis is similar to Soundcloud in the way Soundcloud was similar to MySpace, siblings, but with many differences. There is a free account option with no adverts, but I recommend signing up for a premium account. The main restrictions are that plays and downloads of your free account tracks are limited, and you can only upload mp3s and there is also less profile customization. The premium account is only 4 EURO a month and features unlimited plays and uploads, most formats supported, lossless playback (from original source) etc. Check out the full comparison.

Create your Profile

Signing up to is as easy as you’d expect, a short form and a confirmation email. The profile page is pretty nice, it has an obvious resemblance to Twitter profiles and Facebook pages. You get a decent amount of customization with the usual profile image, cover image and even waveform colour (premium).

On your profile page you have four main areas:


These are basically playlists to which you can add your tracks, grouping together like tracks, albums and EPs. You have some options for privacy, rights and description, you can then share the set and even turn into a podcast feed with it’s own URL.


Yes! We have groups, this was one of the best ways i found on Soundcloud to get music heard and interacted with quickly.Your track is added to the group playlist once you paste in the track URL into the box provided. Finding groups is also far easier on as it is finding anything compared to Soundcloud, which I always found a little difficult.


This I love. You can set up events (gigs, club nights) with times, dates, artists, ticket info, maps and more. It’s great that promoting live music seems to be a core part of, it’ll be interesting to see how much this feature is used.


This holds all the comments you’ve posted and threads you’re involved with. Really handy for keeping on top of your booming online social life, cultivating contacts,networking and also just to remember the stuff you’ve liked and interacted with in the past.

Uploading and finding music

It’s easy, as you’d expect. I won’t go into detail as you know the score. What I will say is that a very handy feature is to be able to import all your tracks from other platforms, most notably Soundcloud. 

Finding music on hearthis is helped a great deal by a comprehensive search feature, group search and as you have to give your location, you can get a list of all the users near you, like musical tinder… kind of. But it’s a brilliant way of networking and finding out all the cool stuff going on in your area.


I’ve not been using it long, but already I’m starting to prefer it over Soundcloud. It doesn’t have the user base, doesn’t have the volume of music and I do still have a soft spot for SC. But if you’re a DJ or producer and you’re looking for either your first music based social media site or an alternative to SC, I can’t recommend it enough.