Ripping audio from YouTube for samples

You have access to one of the largest potential sample and audio libraries in the world, one that is updated with 300 hours of audio every MINUTE. The only thing is, the audio is part of streaming video files, do’h!

Downloading audio from YouTube videos

Don’t worry, you can get access to all that lovely audio with a couple of clicks. Obviously, there are ways of getting at the audio by recording the output directly from the website (see soundflower etc), but that’s in real time, and that’s probably not something you have a lot of. Here’s a little website that makes it 1000 times easier:

Basically all you have to do is copy and paste the URL of a YouTube video into the textbox on that site and hit “Convert Video”, it’ll do some witchcraft and then a download link will appear. Depending on your internet speed you’ll have the audio within a matter of seconds in mp3 format. There are other sites that do this, in other formats so have a look around.


(Remember ALWAYS check the copyright of any audio that you’re sampling, from any source. And remember if you don’t trust a site, don’t download anything from it, and scan everything you do download for viruses before opening.)