How to quickly bounce your MIDI clips to Audio in Ableton

Here’s a simple little tip to bounce MIDI clips to audio tracks. Its a tip that can greatly speed up your workflow, boost your creativity and save your CPU!


  1. Create MIDI clip with the instrument and FX you want
  2. Right click the clip and Freeze Track
  3. Select the frozen MIDI clip and drag to an Audio track
  4. You’ve got your bounce of that clip!

As you can see, in Ableton it is incredibly easy to convert a MIDI clip into an audio clip. This is great for quickly creating samples to perform audio effects, splices, pitching and stretching effects. Plus as the instrument/FX are no longer driving the audio, you’re saving on CPU too!

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  1. I recommend and additional step actually. Drag the new audio into the browser and delete it in Live. Then drag it back. The new version is a proper clip. The reason I recommend this step is because freeze files can take up a lot of your hard drive. But if you delete them, you will lose this audio unless you follow my extra step.

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