How to Create Multiple Ableton Template Files

An Ableton template is basically a Live set you’ve pre configured with tracks, effects and even sounds that is ready to use again and again.

Creating templates in Ableton is a great way to reduce your set up time and be consistent in your music making. Its well worth figuring out as speeding up your work flow will give you more time to record your music.

Basic default template

The default template is what get when you hit New Live Set. It’s possible to change this default template in Ableton. It’s up to you what you set up in this template, perhaps some audio input tracks, a drum rack and put so some EQ and compression on the master out. There are probably certain things you always do when you start a session. Setting up these most common inputs and outputs, returns and sends is probably the most useful thing to do.

Default template Quick Steps:

  1. Set up your Live set
  2. Go to Live preferences
  3. Open File Folder tab
  4. Click Save current set as template (default in Windows)
  5. You’re done!

Multiple Live session templates

You may have a few different ways of working, perhaps you remix, play live and record. Each of these tasks may necessitate a slightly different set up. To create a template for each (and as many as you like) follow the steps above, but instead of saving as the default template instead go to file Save Live Set As… and select Library → Templates. Any file you put in this folder can be used as a template.

To load a specific template load a New Live Set, then in your folder explorer click on Templates. Your saved templates should be ready to use, just double click to bring your settings onto the New Set.

Quick Steps:

  1. Set up your Live set
  2. Click Save Live Set As…
  3. Save in the Ableton Library → Templates folder
  4. To load a template create a New Live Set
  5. Click your folder explorer and Templates
  6. Double Click or drag your template into your Live Set

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