Best Ableton controller you can buy – PUSH 2

ableton push 2


This controller is a masterpiece, from the beautiful, seamless integration with Ableton, to the way it so effectively turns instruments like Simpler into incredible, hands on hardware devices, to it’s sleek, beautiful black design. We honestly don’t think there’s a better controller/DAW pairing out there, certainly not for the price. There are much cheaper controllers, and it totally depends on your workflow how much you’ll get out of spending more. But the PUSH 2 is absolutely worth the extra cash. We could go into the details, but Ableton have produced some great video content explaining the features, so why not check those out.


  • Hardware instrument for hands-on playability with Ableton Live 10
  • Play or step sequence beats, notes, chords and automation
  • New sampling workflows: slice, play and manipulate samples from Push
  • Large multicolour display adapts to show what you need
  • 64 sensitive and playable backlit pads
  • 8 touch-sensitive encoders for controlling mixer, devices and instruments, and Live browser navigation
  • Clip launch mode for live performance and arrangement recording
  • Scales mode offers unique approach to playing notes and chords
  • Includes Live Intro for new users