About us

We are a dedicated group of Ableton users with years of experience making music on computers. We wanted to share our accumulated knowledge in one place and thought a blog would be a really nice way of doing it. If you have any additions or tips of your own, we’d love you to share them by commenting on our posts! Be sure to visit the blog https://nahezspiel.wordpress.com, where you will find even more useful information.

We tend to use Macs for our music making, and our tutorials will be using the Mac version in the main. If there are big differences with how it works on the PC, then that will get added too. But if you’re a PC user and know better, make sure you comment and let us know.

We’ll also be posting some instruments and samples to play with and use. Keep an eye out for these, they’ll all be recorded by us using our own instruments.

Thank you for visiting, we’re sure you’ll find something you didn’t know, even if you’re the most avid user.

We are not endorsed by or affiliated with the makers of Ableton Live, we are mere mortals.

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